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Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) News

The selection of proposals for the 2nd wave of Environmental Footprint pilots is now concluded.

The selection was based on criteria such as the capacity of the proponents to involve a representative percentage of the market, the diversity of product groups and the sectors covered (in terms of type of product or sector, whether products are final or intermediate products, environmental impacts, complexity and dynamics of the value chain, etc.), availability of good quality secondary life cycle data, availability of already existing Product Category Rules (PCR) or similar documents. The selection was carried out by a committee composed of policy officers from several Directorates-General of the European Commission.

Out of the 30 proposals received, 2 were related to OEF (dairy and tea) and both were proposed to be led by the European Commission. Unfortunately none of these could be selected due to the nature of the proposals and the limited resources available in the European Commission to take up leadership for these pilots.

Table 1: Distribution of PEF/OEF pilot applications


PEF - as Technical Secretariat

PEF - no Technical Secretariat

OEF - as Technical Secretariat

OEF - no Technical Secretariat


Number of proposals













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