Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by C. Spahrbier


Energy in the Shadow of Volcanoes

Reykjavík is Iceland’s largest city and the world’s northernmost capital. Here, in the beautiful Greater Reykjavík Area, on the southern shores of the Faxaflói Bay, live more than 120,000 people.

Geothermal Heating System

Iceland is famous for its volcanoes and, by combining volcanic activity with an adept use of water ways, Reykjavík is home to the largest geothermal heating system in the world. The system provides citizens with electricity and energy around the clock.

Clean Nordic Air

Reykjavík is very ambitious when it comes to protecting its air quality. Pollution levels for PM10, ozone and NO2 are far below the limit values, but to improve air quality even further, an elaborate Air Quality Action plan was approved in March 2009.

The plan provides short-term measures, forecasts, a warning system and mitigation measures to be taken in case of exceedance. Together with this, a number of additional, important plans and campaigns have been introduced to reduce emissions from transport.

These include reduced use of studded tyres, the introduction of cleaner cars and buses running on methane and electricity, and the promotion of public transport, walking and cycling.