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Image by C. Spahrbier

Vienna shifts to electric buses

24th July 2013

Downtown Vienna is well on its way to becoming a low-noise and less polluted hub, since the introduction of a fleet of 12 environmentally friendly electric buses in autumn 2012. These zero emission vehicles have replaced the diesel operated buses and they run solely on power supplied by on-board batteries.

27.07.2013 Vienna

It is estimated that the e-buses will reduce CO2 emissions by 300 tons per year. Courtesy of Wiener Linien

Throughout the day, the red and white buses will recharge their batteries for 15 minutes at the last stop of the bus routes, using the tram system’s overhead power lines. They recharge fully overnight in the charging stations at the depot. Each of these e-buses carry up to 44 passengers and can cover up to 150 km before needing to be recharged.

This sustainable transport initiative contributes to environmental protection by tackling climate change. Not only does better transport management reduce greenhouse gas emissions but it also reduces the release of air pollutants that can cause health issues such as respiratory problems. Effective sustainable urban transport means better health for the local population, more accessibility, improved safety, more efficient and cost-effective transport of people and goods.

For those reasons, the European Green Capital Award recognises the impact that well-planned sustainable transport can have on the overall environment of a city and evaluates local transport as one of the 12 indicators for the Award.

Vienna is clearly setting a good practice example in terms of local transport. As an applicant city for the European Green Capital Award in 2014, the Expert Evaluation Panel already praised the Austrian capital’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan under the heading of “Intelligent Mobility – Intelligent Mobile”, incorporating five dimensions: sustainability, efficiency, innovation, co-operation and acceptance

For more information on the European Green Capital Award click here.

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