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European Green Capital Award achievements recognised in Taiwan!

04 April 2012

The Director of the European Green Capital Secretariat PJ Rudden was recently invited as one of two Keynote Speakers to an EcoCities Symposium in Taipei. The symposium was chaired by the Vice Chairman of the Taiwan Government Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD) and organised by Professor Tse-Fong Tsang of Kaohshiung University.

The CEPD is the central state planning economic and environmental advisory body in Taiwan reporting to the Prime Minister. The other Keynote Speaker was Professor Hikaru Kobayashi former Director General on Environment in the Japanese Government and who has pioneered the Futures City project in Japan.

Addressing the EcoCities Conference in Taipei were Professor Hikaru Kobayashi Keio University Japan, Dr Wang-Hsiang Hwang Vice Chairman of the Taiwan Council for Economic Planning and Development and PJ Rudden Director of RPS and Director of the EU Commission European Green Capital Award Secretariat

The symposium was chaired by Dr Wan-Hsiang Hwang Vice Chairman of Taiwan CEPD and attended by leading public officials responsible for urban planning and development in Taiwan which has a population of 23 million in a country the size of Ireland.

The purpose of the symposium was to hear of the European Green Capital and Japanese experience in EcoCity or Green City development and to chart a similar strategy for Taiwan. Senior officials from Taiwan have visited Stockholm and Hamburg, have been very impressed by what they saw but wished to learn more on the methodology and especially the indicators used and how they are applied to give the final result of a European Green Capital city each year.

The symposium concluded that while the Japanese experience was culturally more similar to their own that the European experience was more developed and mature with 4 Green Capitals awarded and a fifth imminent this summer. Participants were also very impressed with the integration of inter municipal cooperation through the involvement of ICLE, Covenant of Mayors, Committee of the Regions and NGOs.

Presenting the Keynote Speakers with a framed Lion's Head as a symbol of Tainan EcoCity were Left to Right: Dr Hwang-Jen Chang Director General of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Tainan City Government, Professor Hikaru Kobayashi Keio University Japan PJ Rudden Director of European Green Capital Secretariat, Dr Ching-Te Lai Mayor of Tianan Professor Tse-Fong Tseng, National University of Kaohsiung Taiwan

The Keynote Speakers also met the Commissioner of Urban Planning in Taipei. They also travelled with Professor Tsang to meet the Mayor of Tainan and Director General of Tainan City Administration of Taiwan’s third largest city where a Low-Carbon City Project is researched and managed by Kaohshiung University which is close to Tianan in the southern region of the island.

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