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Image by Ursula Bach

Stockholm a fossil fuel-free city by 2050

The City of Stockholm has announced plans to become a fossil fuel-free city by 2050. In order to achieve this long term goal, a roadmap was developed alongside a one-year broad consultation process led by the city.

Biogasbuss in Stockholm

Biogasbuss in Stockholm

The roadmap incorporates many of the modern day challenges faced by European cities, including energy production, energy use in buildings and transport amongst other things. The final “Roadmap for a fossil fuel-free Stockholm 2050”, was officially approved on 24th March 2014 by the Municipal Assembly.

In a recent interview with the Covenant of Mayors, Vice Mayor for Urban Environment Per Ankersjö discussed the city’s ambitious plans “As the capital of Sweden and the nation’s engine for growth, Stockholm has an opportunity to take the lead in this work by demonstrating that it is possible to phase out fossil fuels and reduce emission levels while still sustaining growth and meeting the challenge of a rise in population”.

As the first European Green Capital in 2010, Stockholm is committed to being a role model, to inspire other cities and spread best practice across Europe and the rest of the world. During its year as European Green Capital, Stockholm held international conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and demonstrated its commitment with the official opening of a new tramway.