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Image by Ursula Bach

Barcelona’s Rainwater Harvesting Vertical Garden

The Raval Theatre located in Pedró Square in Barcelona includes an eco-innovative planting and watering system that is entirely self-sufficient. Designed by Urbanarbolismo and engineered by Unusual Green, construction commenced on the rainwater harvesting vertical garden in November 2013.

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The Raval Theatre’s vertical garden was constructed using the eco.bin system which provides structural support and plenty of space for plants. Rainwater is collected from the theatre’s roof and stored in a reservoir at the bottom. Two solar panels on the roof generate energy to pump the water up from the reservoir to the top of the garden and down to all the plants.

Water management is one of 12 environmental indicators accessed as part of the European Green Capital Award. Vitoria-Gasteiz European Green Capital 2012 has implemented an ambitious objective of reducing domestic water consumption to below 100 litres per capita per day. Water-related investments have been made within the context of the Agenda 21 environmental action plan for improved water supply, to reduce losses, work towards sustainable consumption and improve water quality. A citizen’s information office on water consumption and efficiency has also been set up.