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'Great Food from European Green Cities' Recipe Book wins Prestigious Gourmand Award 2019

The European Commission’s unique “Great Food from European Green Cities” was awarded the prestigious Gourmand Award 2019, which honours the best food and wine books across the globe. This one-of-a-kind recipe book brings together sustainable food practices, initiatives and regional recipes from 21 European Green Capital and European Green Leaf Network cities, cities that have been winners or finalists of both green city awards.

Urban food production and consumption has a major impact on the environment. In the EU, a staggering 88 million tonnes of food are wasted, costing an estimated €143 billion, and causing an enormous and unnecessary burden on our environment. And citizens are also concerned. According to a recent Eurobarometer survey on attitudes of European citizens towards the environment, 50% of respondents say their city, town or village is not doing enough to protect the environment, while the growing amount of waste is the third most important environmental issue to European citizens.

By showing how the European Green Capital and European Green Leaf Network cities are addressing sustainable food challenges, this book shares ideas and solutions, encouraging people to change their behaviour.

The European Green Capital Secretariat launched a campaign to promote this book and the various types of environmentally-friendly food practices these cities are implementing. Join the conversation by using and following the hashtag #Recipes4GreenCities on social media to find out more about these green cities’ projects and recipes. We also encourage everyone to share their sustainable initiatives to combat food waste as well as photos of the recipes tried from the book.

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