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Youth Future Conference 2013

1st – 7th September, Bonn, Germany

From 1st to 7th September in Bonn, Germany the Youth Future Project will be holding the European Youth Future Conference 2013. The one-week event, which is targeted at young adults between 18 and 28 years old, aims to highlight challenges and innovative solutions in the field of sustainability through a jam-packed programme of discussions, lectures and workshops.

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The key aim of the meeting is to give the participants a deeper understanding of the  scope and importance of the following themes:

  • Soil and publicly owned ground
  • Prospects post growth – Towards a better economy and society
  • Water – should it be a common resource or privately owned and managed?
  • Renewable energies: between centralism & autonomy
  • Food consumption – throw away society – organic labels and beyond
  • Environmental lobbying
  • Fracking – the (never) ending story of fossil fuels
  • Education and its role in conserving eco-systems
  • Photography as a means to promote social change
  • The web of life: why and how connections matter (only in German)

The conference is designed so that each participant works on one of these topics, looking at the different elements of sustainability: the economic, environmental, societal and cultural. To support the debate, experts in these fields will be leading the workshops and lectures. Registration for the event is now open here.

As the conference leaders state, the aim is to “change your point of view” taking into account quality of life and the environment, rather than looking at the world as measured solely by its monetary wealth. A sustainable and more inclusive growth model would be more likely to spur new economic growth and jobs. In this way, cities applying for the European Green Capital Award are expected to show how they have progressed and to illustrate their dedication towards a more sustainable growth in Europe.

For more information on the European Green Capital Award click here.

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