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International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment

The 20th International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment will take place on 28th May 2014 in the Pestana Alvor Praia Hotel in the Algarve, Portugal. This conference is organised by Wessex Institute of Technology in the United Kingdom and aims to tackle the environmental and social impacts of transportation in urban areas. During the conference representatives will discuss the policy and infrastructure measures that are needed in order to achieve efficient transport systems.

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Transportation in urban areas, with its associated environmental and social impacts, is a topic of major concern for policymakers in both municipal and central government, as well as for urban dwellers, who require effective and efficient transport systems.

During the conference the following topics will be discussed including;

• Eco-friendly modes of transport
• Transport strategies
• Public transport systems
• Urban transport simulation
• Transport safety and security
• Land use and transport integration
• Transport policy and regulations
• Experiences from emerging countries
• Non-motorized modes of transport
• Intelligent transport systems

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Mobility is an urban environment is paramount to citizen’s quality of life. Local Transport is one of twelve indicators assessed by the Expert Panel when awarding the European Green Capital Award. Over the past 10 years, Nantes European Green Capital 2013 has developed a sustainable transport policy with a focus on public transport and bicycles. Development within the city centre is planned to minimise car transport and to provide pedestrians with optimal conditions.