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Image by M Hjälm

Master Class – Trash or Treasure

A Master Class “Trash or Treasure” will take place on 2nd July 2014 at the Roskilde Festival in Copenhagen. The theme of the Master Class is how waste can be treated as a resource.

Photo: Ursula Bach via

Photo: Ursula Bach via

During the Master Class, some of the newest initiatives in waste management will be presented by:

• Birgitte Damgaard Nielsen, Head of Department, City of Copenhagen
• Birgitte Ettrup, Environment Manager, Dansk Retursystem A/S
• Christina Bilde, Spokeswoman of Roskilde Festival
• Freja Frederiksen, Project Manager, waste issues, Roskilde Festival
• Inge Fisker, Deputy Director, Dansk Retursystem A/S
• Jonas Nedenskov, Environment Manager, Amager Ressource Center
• Line Bech,, Danish Ministry of the Environment
• Merete Kristoffersen, Head of Department, Sustainability, City of Copenhagen.

The program will include a tour of the camp site and backstage waste handling stations at the Roskilde Festival. After the Master Class participants will have the opportunity to stay and enjoy the music and atmosphere. This event will be of particular interest to other festivals, cities and organisations working with waste management and sustainable behaviour.

To find out more about the Master Class programme click here.

The City of Copenhagen has worked intensively for years to meet environmental challenges focusing on innovative and sustainable solutions. As European Green Capital 2014 Copenhagen invites Europe and the rest of the world to share environmental solutions, best practices and knowledge.