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Image by Ursula Bach

Transport Day 2014

Transport Day 2014 will take place on 7th December 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel in Lima, Peru. The slogan for this year’s Transport Day 2014 is “Transport Tackles Climate Change @ COP 20”. The event will provide a platform for international experts on transport and climate change to discuss the contribution sustainable, low carbon transport can make to climate change discussions.

Transport Day 2014 will consist of a number of plenaries and breakout sessions.

  • The morning plenary will focus on how transport can tackle climate change through the global bodies and processes like UNFCCC negotiations, IPCC reports and Sustainable Development Goals.
  • The afternoon plenary will focus on how the transport commitments at the Secretary General’s Climate Summit can be linked with the UNFCCC negotiation process.

In the closing session, participants will discuss how negotiations in Lima can be taken to the next level at the COP 21 in Paris in 2015.

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