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Towards a Green Circular Economy

The Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and sustainable Resource management (ACR+) and DSD are holding a conference entitled “Towards a Green Circular Economy: EPR and its role for post-consumer plastics” on 29th September 2015 in Brussels.

29 09 15 Circular Economy

The conference will focus on the following questions:

• What is the role of consumers regarding sustainable management of plastics?
• What is the role of retailers, recyclers and producers?
• What are major barriers to the eco-design of plastics materials and products?
• How can high quality recycling be achieved?
• What is needed to boost the European market for secondary raw materials?
• Which political framework is required to fit post-consumer plastics into a Circular Economy?

In relation to the relaunch of the Circular Economy Strategy, the conference will bring together experts from industry, NGOs, politics and research to discuss these questions, examine best practice examples and explore the potential of EPR implementation and sustainable management of post consumer plastics.

The programme and the registration form will be available on the ACR+ website soon.

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