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Image by Ursula Bach

TIDE project final conference

The final conference of the TIDE project (Transport Innovation Deployment for Europe) will take place in Barcelona on the 15th & 16th September 2015. The conference will present the results of three years of cooperation on innovative urban mobility.

The conference is an opportunity for urban transport planners and policy makers to learn from ongoing projects, examine the tools of implementation and discuss recommendations from these projects based around the following five TIDE measures

  • New pricing measures
  • Non-motorised transport
  • Intelligent Traffic Systems
  • Electro-mobility
  • Public transport organisation

The conference will combine site visits with presentations exhibiting practical measures which are in place in Barcelona. The 15 cities which are involved in the TIDE project will be sharing their experiences in the implementation and adaption to urban transport innovation. As a host City, Barcelona is ideal as innovation in all of the TIDE areas has taken place.

The most up to date version of the conference programme can be found here, with all practical information at this link.

Registration details for the TIDE project conference are at this link.