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The Annual Polis Conference 2015

The Annual Polis Conference will take place on 19th & 20th November 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. The theme of this year’s conference will be “Transport innovation for sustainable cities and regions”.

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The Annual Polis Conference will provide a platform for cities, metropolitan areas and regions to showcase their transport achievements to a large audience and for the wider transport community to engage with representatives of local and regional authorities on innovative transport solutions.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend a number of high-level plenary sessions, with prominent figures debating topical issues and trends. Technical sessions will also highlight innovation in policy and practice across the transport spectrum. Sessions will be delivered in different formats, including workshops, round-tables and short, focused presentation-style sessions.

A number of side events and the Polis’ Annual General Assembly (AGA) will also take place on 18th November 2015. To find out more about the Annual Polis Conference click here.