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Sustainable housing in a post-growth Europe: 2nd Multinational Knowledge Brokerage Event in Sustainable Housing

6th and 7th June 2013, Barcelona, Spain

Sustainable housing in a post-growth Europe Conference will take place on the 6th and 7th of June at the venue COAC, in Barcelona. The event has been organised by the University of Barcelona, Institute of Environmental Science and Technology. This is the 2nd Multinational Knowledge Brokerage Event in Sustainable Housing and will draw together a select group of researchers, policy-makers, activists and business representatives from the EU and neighbouring countries.

Past growth in the building did not always walk together with the sustainable growth that considers social, economic and environmental issues. Therefore, for the post-growth period effective housing policies containing interrelations between social, economic and environmental systems are necessary. In this way, the aim of the meeting is to discuss trends in sustainable housing for the post-growth period in Europe. The following questions will be specifically discussed during the two-day event:

  • What is the contribution of new and creative approaches in policy making – such as cohousing, shared services and appliances – for increased habitability, comfort levels and reduced environmental impacts?
  • Which economic and regulatory mechanisms could bring together the existing demand for affordable housing and the potential of the empty housing stock?
  • What is the potential of successful policy approaches in different European Member States in the field of energy efficient refurbishment of existing housing and their contribution to job creation and increased energy efficiency?
  • How to combine top-down and bottom-up approaches in the implementation of social housing and energy efficient refurbishment?06.06.13 Responder Logo

This knowledge brokerage event is part of the RESPONDER project, a European project funded within the 7th EU Framework Programme aiming to link research and policy making for managing the contradictions of sustainable consumption and economic growth. The full agenda of the conference, including the documentation of the first multinational knowledge brokerage event in the area of Sustainable Housing, is available at the RESPONDER website.

The European Green Capital Award

The selection of a city to be awarded the European Green Capital is assessed by an Expert Panel on the basis of twelve environmental indicators. The winning city takes the lead in linking economic growth and ecology by developing solutions which benefits both spheres. European cities are all facing the same challenges and the European Green Capitals can serve as role models from which to learn.

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