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Image by Ursula Bach

Smart City 360 Summit

The Smart City 360° Summit will take place simultaneously in Bratislava, Slovakia, and Toronto, Canada from 13 – 16 October 2015. The summit is termed ‘360°’as it aims to cover all facets of Smart Cities, including mobility, urbanism, data analytics, sustainability, energy, e-Health and the Internet of Things. The summit is broadly grouped into three themes, technology, innovation and community. It will provide a platform for international scientific collaboration, presentation of research, linking research and practice, community based initiatives and knowledge exchange.

13 10 2015 Smart City 360

The day before the official opening of the Summit, a scientific conference in each location will take place. These conferences will give space to related scientific research. The European Alliance for Innovation (EAI) brings this aspect to the summit showcasing the best ideas from Europe and beyond.

The conferences in Bratislava are as follows:

• International Conference on E-mobility, Emerging Vehicular Technology
• International Conference on Mobility and Factories of the Future
• International Conference on Sustainable Solutions beyond Mobility of Goods
• International Conference on Civic Technology in Smart City
• International Conference on Mobility Opportunities in Danube Region
• International Conference on Social Innovation and Community Aspects of Smart Cities

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