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Smart Cities, Smart Europe

The Smart Cities, Smart Europe: Putting Our Energy into Innovation and Sustainability will take place on 9th July 2014 in the Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie in Brussels, Belgium. Organised by Public Policy Exchange in response to a recent European Parliament policy study “Mapping Smart Cities in the  EU” (January 2014), the central idea of Smart Cities is to better connect human capital,  social capital and ICT infrastructures in order to generate greater and more sustainable economic development and a better quality of life for citizens.

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This special international symposium will evaluate the challenges faced when creating smarter cities and moving towards improved and sustainable public services for citizens. The symposium will explore the need for flexible partnerships between public and private sectors as well as diverse industries such as telecommunication, energy providers, manufacturers, and suppliers to ensure improvements in mobility, energy consumption, governance and social cohesion in European cities.

Some key speakers include:

• Mr. Philipp Barth, Policy Officer, DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology, Smart Cities and Sustainability, European Commission
• Dr Catriona Manville, Analyst, RAND Europe
• Ivo Cré, Senior Project Manager, Polis

Participants will be invited to:

• Assess EU actions and objectives to support the Smart Cities concept
• Explore possibilities for increasing cooperation between institutions, local authorities and industries
• Discuss the social, economic and environment dimensions of Smart Cities
• Examine innovative projects and initiatives at local level
• Share best practices and ideas on key innovations and bottom-up strategies

To find out more about the conference programme click here.

The European Green Capital Award aims to reward achievements and efforts in advancing the sustainability of European cities. The Award was designed to create a community of Europeans that share ideas and work together to help Europe achieve its targets and to improve the quality of life of citizens. A green city is a smart city and this conference is the perfect opportunity to learn more about how smart a European Green Capital city can be.