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Image by C. Spahrbier

Smart Cities and Communities: Connecting Citizens 9th November 2017, London, UK

Open Forum Events is hosting ‘Smart Cities and Communities: Connecting Cities’, a one day conference in London on 9th November 2017. The conference will explore how smart technology can be utilised to help tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our cities today, such as housing shortages, healthcare, infrastructure, and environmental sustainability.

30.08.17_Smart Cities LondonThe conference is aimed at professionals from various backgrounds, including local and national government, higher education, industry and NGOs.

The event is divided into four sessions:

  1. Smart Policy Making and Urban Planning
  2. Smart Citizens: More Connected Cities Though Human Centred Design
  3. Smart Healthcare, Technology and Open Data
  4. Smart Mobility and Intelligent Infrastructure

Sessions include talks, panel debates and case studies to provide attendees with real life, concrete examples from the world’s leading smart city projects.

The one-day event takes place in the America Square Conference Centre, near the famous Tower of London.

For more details about the event or to register, visit the conference webpage here.