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Image by M Hjälm

Smart Charging: steering the charge, driving the change

Smart Charging: steering the charge, driving the change will take place in the EURELECTRIC Meeting Centre in Brussels, Belgium on 24th March 2015. Whilst the benefits are numerous, electric vehicles can disturb power systems in a major way, adding additional peaks and surges in usage. If used smartly, these vehicles have great promise in making our energy systems more future proof – as storage, flexible demand conducive to renewables integration and grid support. Smart charging is the answer to both the positive and negative questions which arise.

The EURELECTRIC seminar will explore these challenges and explain the benefits of smart charging, analysing the remaining challenges to exploiting the smart charging innovation potential.

EURELECTRIC will present its new report on smart charging and will gather first reactions from EU policymakers, electricity and automotive industry as well as consumer bodies.
The seminar will conclude with a look at the results of specific EU funded projects on smart charging and e-mobility.

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