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Science for the Environment

3rd & 4th October 2013, Aarhus, Denmark

On 3rd and 4th October, the Lakeside Lecture Theatres at Aarhus University Campus in Aarhus (Denmark) will host the Science for the Environment international conference. The two-day event has been organised by the Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER), a network of seven large Environmental research centres, and the local host Aarhus University.

03.10.13 Science for environment

The two-day event pursues to draw balance and evaluate the scientific steps forward towards combating the grand environmental issues –climate action, resource efficiency and green economy- specified in the Horizon 2020 challenge, which is the European Union’s Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Major themes of the Science for the Environment conference will regard: Mitigation and adaptation to climate action; resource efficiency at natural resources, ecosystems and raw materials levels; and, green economy focusing on eco-innovation. The full detailed programme, which includes the key-note speakers attending the international conference, is available here.

The final aim of the conference is to provide input to the European Commission on the future research needs and knowledge gaps in Horizon 2020.

Most of the environmental challenges facing our society derive from urban areas but it is also urban communities that create and mobilise the committment and innovation needed to resolve them. In this way, the European Green Capital Award aims to promote and reward these efforts.

The award enables cities to inspire each other and share examples of good practices in situ. The winning cities to date include: Stockholm 2010, Hamburg 2011, Vitoria-Gasteiz 2012, Nantes 2013, Copenhagen 2014 and Bristol 2015. All are recognised for their consistent record of achieving high environmental standards and committment to ambitious goals.

For more information on the European Green Capital Award click here.

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