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Image by Ursula Bach

Regions and Cities European Week Workshop

The European Commission is hosting a workshop on sustainable urban strategies as part of Regions and Cities European Week, on 11th October 2017, in Brussels, Belgium. The workshop focuses on the question, ‘How can we set long-term sustainable urban strategies within the framework of short-term political cycles?

13.09.17_Regions and Cities European Week_EC Workshop

The workshop is aimed at EU, national, regional and local policy and decision makers, along with stakeholders from the private sector, financial institutions and European and national associations.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from European Green Capital Award winners, Nijmegen and Oslo and competition finalist, Lisbon.The workshop will be chaired by Director-General for Environment, Daniel Calleja.

Governing Mayor of Oslo, European Green Capital 2019, Raymond Johansen, will begin the session by discussing the city’s ambitious Climate and Energy Strategy and the role of stakeholder engagement and citizen participation in the process.

A representative from Lisbon will give insight into how the city managed to drive sustainable development while in the midst of an economic crisis.

Finally, Mayor of Nijmegen, European Green Capital 2018, Hubert Bruls, will speak about how the city engaged with citizens and businesses to develop an integrated strategy for long-term sustainability.

The workshop (code 11B57) takes place from 9:00am – 10:45am at the European Commission building, the Centre Borschette. Register here by 29 September 2017! More information on the Regions and Cities European Week is available on the website.