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Image by C. Spahrbier

Oslo European Green Capital 2019 Opening Ceremony and Weekend

Oslo, the Norwegian Capital, will officially kick-off its year as European Green Capital 2019 at its Opening and Handover Ceremony on 4 January. Nijmegen in the Netherlands, holder of the title in 2018, will pass on the prestigious title to Oslo at this Ceremony. Follow the live stream of the Ceremony by clicking here.



The first Norwegian city to hold the European Green Capital title, Oslo was awarded the title due to its holistic approach to urban sustainability, covering topics ranging from biodiversity, public transport, social integration and citizen health. The city was particularly commended for working systematically to re-open 3,000m of streams and rivers, making them accessible to the public and facilitating the development and restoration of habitats. The jury was also impressed with Oslo’s ambitious targets to cut emissions by 95% by 2030 and to become carbon neutral by 2050, along with improvements in cycling and public transport infrastructure, introducing car free zones and encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

The Opening and Handover Ceremony also officially begins Oslo’s Opening Weekend as European Green Capital 2019. The Opening Weekend aims to celebrate the people of Oslo who, through their initiatives, creativity, innovative solutions and bold decisions, have made Oslo a role model for sustainable city development, as well as a better city to live in. Oslo’s European Green Capital 2019 programme is a result of a collaborative effort, bringing together almost 200 partners to deliver more than 350 planned events, ranging from large, international conferences to small neighbourhood events for locals, to engage the entire city.

Find out more about Oslo’s planned activities and events for their European Green Capital year here.