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Nordic Conference on Sustainable Development: The Art of Co-Creation

17th-19th September 2013, Umeå, Sweden

The 5th Nordic Conference on Sustainable Development will provide a unique platform for community representatives and local government delegates to explore how to create space for sustainability as common project, without losing the current global context. The three-day conference will take place at Folkets Hus in Umeå and is being jointly organised by the City of Umeå, the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Swedish Ministry of the Environment, and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions.

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The conference entitled “The Art of Co-Creation” will give the participants the chance to exchange experiences on future-oriented initiatives in the fields: consumption, health and welfare, transport, tourism, town planning and sustainable education and culture.  It is an opportunity to develop and refine ideas, get equipped with new tools and methods to successfully engage with sustainable development. The full programme is available here.

The European Green Capital Award strongly encourages citizens and local governments to work towards sustainable development that will help create a world where environmental and social justice is at the forefront. The European Green Capital Award is helping to lead citizens and local government to work together to build stronger communities and more resilient sustainable societies.

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