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Image by Ursula Bach

International Symposium on Society and Resource Management

The 20th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM) will take place on 9th-13th June 2014 at Leibniz University in Hannover. The theme of the conference will be Challenges of Urban and Rural Transformation.

During the conference participants will have the opportunity to attend sessions organised around the following themes:

• Spatial implications of renewable energy siting
• New perspectives on infrastructures
• Participatory monitoring of visitors and visitor impact
• Public Participation GIS (PPGIS): Applications for Environmental and Urban Planning
• Innovation groups for sustainable land management

This conference will be of particular interest to government representatives, graduate students, non-profit employees, and private consultants from the fields of natural resource management, social sciences and environmental planning as well as urban and regional planning. The event will also include the annual meeting of the International Association for Society and Natural Resources (IASNR).

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Today more than two thirds of Europeans live in towns and cities. Urban areas concentrate most of the environmental challenges facing our society but also bring together commitment and innovation to resolve them. The European Green Capital Award has been conceived to promote and reward these efforts.