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The ISOCARP 2015 Congress

The international Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) 2015 congress takes place across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany from 19th – 23rd October 2015. For the first two days of the event, interactive workshops will take place in 12 cities across the aforementioned countries, with participants convening in Rotterdam for the last two days of the congress to discuss the conclusions and lessons learnt from these workshops.

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The congress aims to examine the role of planning and planners in this critical time for urban development. The global economic crisis has lead to the reshaping of many cities through urbanisation. The call for a new approach to planning to address these complex urbanisation issues is one being heard from international to local government level. THE ISOCARP congress is an opportunity to work together and learn from planning experiences in a bid to address some of these concerns.

ISOCARP is a global association of experienced planners which was founded 50 years ago in Belgium and the Netherlands and is returning to its roots for this the 50th anniversary congress.

The innovative approach to the congress does not end with the multiple cities hosting the event. The presentations are also taking a different form with no full presentations of papers or projects. The authors of submissions will instead be having face to face discussions with the delegates and may have to elaborate on their contributions with regard to the theme of the workshop.

The workshops and the cities they will take place in are as follows.

• Amsterdam: How to build the city in a cooperative way?
• Antwerp: How to rework the productive city?
• Brussels: How to reconcile local expectations with strong international challenges when renewing a city?
• Delft: How to create a sustainable knowledge region?
• Deventer: How to implement a (national) legal framework through local integrated planning?
• Dortmund: Ruhr Region, Germany: How to leverage economic growth from spatial projects?
• Eindhoven: How to react when traditional industries move away?
• Groningen: How to sustain water and energy resources?
• Maastricht: How to overcome national borders?
• Rotterdam: How to develop unprecedented port-city synergy?
• Schiphol -Amsterdam: How to connect in a globalized world?
• Wageningen: How to feed the world’s metropolises?

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