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2nd International Conference on Water and Society

4th – 6th September 2013, New Forest, UK

Water is an essential resource for life. Climate change and over-consumption has reduced our supply of water and now a major challenge is ensuring that water is used efficiently and conservatively by everyone. In this way, the 2nd International Conference on Water and Society will provide a multi-disciplinary forum for the presentation and discussion of many issues affecting water resources today. The three-day event, which is organised by the Wessex Institute of Technology (UK), will be held at the venue Ashurst Lodge in New Forest, UK.

04.09.13 2nd International Conference

The event will feature high profile international keynote speakers who will offer global insight on issues related to the nature of water, and its management and exploitation by society. Water future demands and adaptation strategies in a changing climate will also be at the forefront of the conference. The meeting is motivated by the need to bridge the gap between the broad spectrum of social political sciences and humanistic disciplines and specialists in physical sciences, biology, environmental sciences and health, among others.

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Water and the European Green Capital Award initiative

One of the criteria examined by the European Green Capital judging panel is water consumption. Efficient, effective water management is fundamental to a Green city. The city that is chosen as the European Green Capital will be a city that demonstrates a well-established record of achieving high environmental standards and is committed to achieving ongoing and ambitious goals for future environmental improvement and sustainable development.

Vitoria-Gasteiz, the 2012 European Green Capital has an ambitious objective of reducing domestic water consumption to below 100 liters per capita per day. Today the water consumption in Vitoria-Gasteiz has decreased steadily from 1999 to 2009. Water-related investments have been made within the context of the Agenda 21 environmental action plan for improved water supply, to reduce losses, work towards sustainable consumption and improve water quality. A citizen’s information office on water consumption and efficiency has also been set up.

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