Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by Jean-Dominique Billaud


World Water Week
31st Aug 2014 - 5th Sep 2014

World Water Week will address the twin challenges of increasing global demand for energy and water. ...
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2017 Applicant Workshop
5th Sep 2014 - 5th Sep 2014

The Applicant Workshop for the 2017 competition cycle will be held on Friday 5 September 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. ...
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ITS World Congress 2014
7th Sep 2014 - 11th Sep 2014

2014 World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems will take place from 7th – 11th September 2014 at Cobo Hall in Detroit, United States. ...
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CHAMP Final Conference
11th Sep 2014 - 12th Sep 2014

The Cycling Heroes Advancing sustainable Mobility Practice (CHAMP) Final Conference will take place at Monasterium PoortAckere in Gent, Belgium. ...
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Climate Week NYC
22nd Sep 2014 - 28th Sep 2014

Climate Week NYC 2014 takes place at various locations across New York City. Climate Week NYC intends to show the world that there are clear opportunities and many benefits in joining the global 'clean revolution'. ...
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CIVITAS Forum Conference 2014
23rd Sep 2014 - 26th Sep 2014

The 12th edition of the annual CIVITAS Forum Conference will take at the HYATT Regency Hotel in Casablanca, Morocco. The theme of this year’s conference is Urban Mobility and Social Inclusion: Planning accessibility for more Sustainable cities. ...
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24th Sep 2014 - 26th Sep 2014

Eco-Architecture 2014 focuses on a new approach to the design process intended to harmonise its products with nature, involving ideas such as minimum use of energy at each stage of the building process. ...
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EcoProcura 2014
24th Sep 2014 - 26th Sep 2014

The EcoProcura conference will take place at the International Convention Center in Ghent, Belgium. ...
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CitiNet 2014
25th Sep 2014 - 25th Sep 2014

CitiNet 2014 will take place at the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca campus in Lucca, Italy. ...
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Masterclass on "Energy neighbourhood Sydhavn"
30th Sep 2014 - 30th Sep 2014

A Masterclass on "Energy neighbourhood Sydhavn" will take place at Karens Minde Cultural Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, the European Green Capital 2014. ...
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Supporting cycling for liveable cities
1st Oct 2014 - 1st Oct 2014

The conference will focus on different ways to increase the share of cycling in the modal split of cities. ...
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12th European Week of Regions and Cities
6th Oct 2014 - 9th Oct 2014

The 12th European Week of Regions and Cities will run in Brussels, Belgium from 6th – 9th October 2014. ...
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World Summit of Regions for Climate
10th Oct 2014 - 11th Oct 2014

The World Summit of Regions for Climate will take place and 10th and 11th October at the Palais d’Iena in Paris, France. ...
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SMi’s 7th Annual Conference on Energy from Waste
13th Oct 2014 - 14th Oct 2014

The SMi’s Annual Conference on Energy from Waste will take place from 13th – 14th October 2014 at London, UK. ...
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Mayors Adapt Signature Ceremony
16th Oct 2014 - 16th Oct 2014

The Mayors Adapt Signature Ceremony will take place on 16th October 2014 in Brussels, Belgium. The event aims to bring together cities taking action to adapt to climate change and to create a forum to exchange ideas as well as best practices on local activities. ...
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5th UITP Combined Mobility Workshop
20th Oct 2014 - 20th Oct 2014

The workshop will focus on how citizens can boost the market to accelerate the change in mobility habits towards multimodal behaviour. ...
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eCarTec Conference 2014
21st Oct 2014 - 22nd Oct 2014

The 6th International Conference for Electric & Hybrid Mobility will take place in Novotel Messe München in Munich, Germany. ...
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Local Renewables Conference 2014
22nd Oct 2014 - 24th Oct 2014

The 6th Local Renewables Conference will focus on the importance of renewable energy and the key role that local government can play in the move towards sustainable economies. ...
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EUROCITIES Conference 2014
5th Nov 2014 - 8th Nov 2014

The EUROCITIES 2014 Conference will be taking place from 5th - 8th November in Munich, Germany, under the theme “Energising Cities”. ...
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