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Green Sustainable Airports

14th May 2013, Billund Airport Denmark

The Green Sustainable Airports’ (GSA) Transnational Seminar is set to take place on 14th May, 2013 at Billund Airport, Denmark.

08.05.13 GSA Transnational

The main objective of the GSA project is to establish and boost strategies and solutions for more eco-friendly and efficient regional airports. Communication, regional cooperation and policy resolutions are key in preserving the role of regional airports as accessibility gateways by improving public perception and acceptance. Currently, there are several regional GSAs across Europe, including Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands and United Kingdom, working in this multi-national partnership.

The upcoming one-day event will bring together the project partners to debate under the theme Corporate Social Responsibility. Before this, meetings have covered topics such as CO2 monitoring, de-icing and noise abatement, eco-efficient terminal operations and airport access. All the stakeholders are working hard together to find solutions for sustainable airport operations.

In the last few decades, aviation traffic growth has notably increased and consequently air pollutant emissions have too. Therefore, the European Union set the target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from aviation by 10 % by 2020. GSA aims to achieve the objective before 2012 and thus make the North Sea Region (NSR) role model for similar future projects.

European Green Capital Award

Throughout the history of the European Green Capital Award, the Jury has valued each city’s green growth and its ability to maintain, and even improve this progress while strengthening sustainable development. The European Green Capital Award acknowledges the uniqueness of each city and encourages that sustainability be achieved by working with the city. The winning cities become role models for green economies throughout Europe and beyond.

The 2013 European Green Capital, Nantes, is an excellent ambassador of this feeling. The city has been internationally recognised for the quality of life in the city and was chosen as the 2013 European Green Capital on the basis of twelve key sustainable development themes including quality of local ambient air, quality of the acoustic environment and climate change.

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