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Green Itinerary Nantes

15th June – 28th September 2013, Nantes, France

Nantes, the 2013 Green Capital, will showcase its 5 km long and 1 km wide Isle of Nantes (Île de Nantes) to visitors through an unusual itinerary this summer. The Green Itinerary will kick-off on 15th June from the Hangar 32, which is the permanent exhibition of the Île de Nantes regeneration urban project – highlighted as original, rational and with coordinated and sustainable development, and will run until 28th September.

15.06.13 Green Itinerary 1

The Île de Nantes is surrounded by stretches of the Loire and is the link between the north and the south of Greater Nantes.

The initiative of the Green Itinerary has been launched by Samoa, which is the company responsible for management of the Île de Nantes project. The company, following the call of proposals involving the residents of the island, selected the ten experimental projects that aim to give new uses to the neighborhoods of the Island.

15.06.13 Green Itinerary 2As appointed by the initiative organisers, the sites to discover or re-discover throughout the Green Itinerary include “an amazing oasis with a gazebo on the former land of the SNF at Prairie-au-Duc, the île Mabon square, Ecosphere on QuaiRhuys and Quai Hoche, the Foundries Garden, the Bar’îles at the former Shell station, the Agri-urban Exchange Area (ZEA) on the Prairie d’Amont to the east and a fun, offbeat itinerary for sports lovers at the CRAPA”. James Lloyd, a botanist that has come back from the 19th century and the one who discovered a protected species of the Île de Nantes will lead the tour.

15.06.13 Green Itinerary 3

Industrial brownfield sites of the Île de Nantes have been transformed into new and environmentally friendly recreational areas

15.06.13 Green Itinerary 4

The Great Elephant is one of the “Les Machines de l’île” and is among the main attractions of the Island.

Nantes is the current European Green Capital and is continuously showing its committment to launch innovative actions to be shared beyond the boundaries of its territory, while involving its citizens. As the European Commissioner for the Environment, Mr Janez Potočnik once stated “The European Green Capital Award is not just about a trophy, it is about valuable experiences, opportunities to evolve and incentives to do more and better.”

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