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Green Economics Conference 2013

18th – 22nd July 2013, Oxford, UK

From 18th – 22nd July in Oxford, the Green Economics Institute will be holding the Green Economics Conference 2013. The eighth annual conference will debate the topic “Global Economy for the 21st century, sharing, caring or global disaster!” and will explore, among others, the following themes: Austerity and alternative solutions; Energy; Food; Green IT; Policy Making; Renewables; Sustainable and local production; The greening of Europe, Africa and several Asian countries; and Waste.

The Green Economics Conference 2013 will bring together leading international experts, Nobel Prize winners, academics and green business leaders; in order to analyse the very latest views in global change, social and environmental justice and science, with the aim of creating policy change together for the global economy and local communities.

Educational sessions will run in parallel to the three-day event and will provide the attendants professional accreditation.

A resource efficient and sustainable economy or green economy is a new concept that is being widely discussed and debated. Rather than accepting an economy as a measure of monetary wealth, the green economy takes into account human well-being, social justice, ecological protection and sustainable development. The European Environmental Agency describes a green economy as one that generates increasing prosperity while maintaining the natural systems that sustain us. It is expected that the concept will spur new economic growth and jobs. Cities applying for the European Green Capital Award are expected to show their progress and dedication to eco-innovation and sustainable employment in an effort to work towards a European green economy.

Copenhagen is a highly successful role model for the green economy

Copenhagen is a highly successful role model for the green economy

The European Green Capital 2014 Copenhagen impressed the Jury with its Copenhagen Green Business Model – an example of green economic development tackling environmental, economic and social concerns with high potential for replication in the region around the city and beyond.

Public-private partnerships are at the core of the Copenhagen’s approach to eco-innovation and sustainable employment. Through dedicated forums the city is working with green companies, universities and organisations on developing and implementing green growth.

For more information on the European Green Capital Award click here.

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