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Oxford Summer School in Ecological Economics 2014

Oxford Summer School in Ecological Economics 2014 will take place on 25th-29th August 2014 at St Hilda’s College in Oxford, UK. This course will explore the cutting edge methods and policy applications in ecological economics in response to the global sustainability crisis.

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Ecological economics has been critical of the prevailing approaches to decision making, namely cost-benefit analysis, the use of GDP as a key economic progress measure and the limits of the economic models not taking into account resource and environmental constraints. ‘Green Economy’ and ‘Beyond GDP’ movements are motivated by the ideas suggested by ecological economists.
Guest speakers will include;

  • Prof. Peter Söderbaum, Emeritus Professor at the Mälardalen University, Sweden
  • Prof. Herbert Girardet, Member of the Club of Rome, and the Co-Founder of the World Future Council
  • Prof. Irina A. Shmeleva, Docent at National Research University ITMO in St. Petersburg
  • Prof. Dave Elliott, The Emeritus Professor at the Open University
  • Mr. Jock Martin, Head of Integrated Environmental Assessments at the European Environment  Agency

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