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Nantes to host Ecocity World Summit 2013

25th – 27th September 2013, Nantes, France

Nantes, the current European Green Capital, is set to play host to the ECOCITY World Summit on Sustainable Cities over 3 days from 25th to 27th September 2013 at the venue La Cité, Nantes Events Centre. This will be the first time the event will be held in the European Union, having previously taken place in Montreal, Istanbul, San Francisco, Bangalore, Shenzhen, Curitiba, Dakar, Adelaide and Berkeley.

The subject matter of the 10th ECOCITY summit will be “the city as a vital area of work to grapple with the global sustainability issues,” and the main aim of the conference will be to serve as a platform to accelerate change at a global level in partnership with the United Nations.

Courtesy of Ecocity 2013

Courtesy of Ecocity 2013

ECOCITY is the cross-disciplinary World Summit on Sustainable Cities. The Summit and the Exhibition are designed to be the ideal place to showcase solutions for sustainable cities and innovation. A new approach centred on a collaborative platform was introduced at the beginning of 2013 to co-build the programme, which has made it possible to receive more than 500 contributors from 48 different countries.

The programme constitutes a road map for the transition towards the sustainable city and will be based on the following themes: reducing the ecological footprint; addressing the energy challenges; strengthening solidarity among cities, neighbourhoods and individuals; organising sustainable cities in terms of mobility, urban development, decision-making and planning; mobilizing enabling factors: a prerequisite for the transition in a social, political, cultural and economic context. The full programme is available here.

The summit will consist of various types of meetings and exchanges such as plenary, public, cultural and interactive sessions, workshops, round tables and B2B meetings.

ECOCITY hopes to encourage contributors from various sectors such as government, research, entrepreneurs, education, sports, culture and tourism, urban planning and more to take part in the summit in 2013 as these areas all play a key role in the transition towards truly sustainable cities.

25.09.2013 Ecocity2

Nantes. Courtesy of Ecocity 2013

Following Stockholm, Hamburg and Vitoria-Gasteiz, Nantes is the European Green Capital for 2013. This distinction recognises environmental best practices, in the areas such as local contribution to sustainable transport and land use, green urban areas, water consumption, and the fight against climate change. Nantes has demonstrated its efforts with regard to being an eco-friendly and sustainable city through various ways, for example:

Nantes has an ambitious Climate Action Plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 30 % per capita by 2020 compared to 2003

  • Sustainable Transport Policy
  • 15% of residents use public transport daily
  • Everyone in Nantes lives within 300 metres of a green area
  • There are 57 m² of green space per person
  • There are over 100,000 trees in the city
  • 60% of the land area in Nantes is either a green area or agricultural
  • The city has four Natura 2000 sites and 33 natural zones of floral, faunal or ecological interest.

For more information on the European Green Capital Award click here.

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