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Image by Ursula Bach

CHAMP Final Conference

The Cycling Heroes Advancing sustainable Mobility Practice (CHAMP) Final Conference will take place on 11th & 12th September 2014 at Monasterium PoortAckere in Gent, Belgium. The final CHAMP workshop will focus on innovative ways to boost cycling in the cities and enhance their local policies.


CHAMP has developed and tested a performance analysis tool, building on self analysis as well as peer review by other cities. It allows cities to identify strengths and weaknesses in their cycling policies and put cities on track towards further improvements.

The workshop will also present the:

  • results of the innovative cycling measures that have been implemented in the respective CHAMP cities;
  • strategic project conclusions; and
  • policy recommendations that can be adopted by other cities with cycling ambitions.

It will be a workshop with innovative showcases from CHAMP cities, interactive policy debates and a guided cycling tour through the city of Gent.

To find more information about this event click here.

The European Green Capital Award recognises the impact that well-planned sustainable transport can have on the overall environment of a city and has listed local transport as one of the twelve environmental indicators for the Award assessed by an Expert Panel. This year, Copenhagen holds the European Green Capital Award. The City of Copenhagen has set itself the overall goal to be the world’s best city for cyclists. The goal is to have 50% people cycling to work in 2015 and an increase of 20% on pedestrian traffic compared to 2009.