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Bridging the gap: sustainable energy actions from planning to implementation

The Final Conference of Mayors in Action and BEAST projects will take place in Brussels (Belgium), on 8 February 2017. Both projects, funded by Intelligent Energy Europe, will share their insights on bridging the gap between the planning and implementation of sustainable energy initiatives.

25.01.17 Mayors In Action

With over 7,000 municipalities signed up to the Covenant of Mayors, each signatory has committed to develop and advance a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). In order to ensure this is progressed, local government staff requires support and training. Mayors in Action support this need by assisting in implementing and monitoring SEAPs. Mayors in Action empowers Coordinators and Supporters (C&S) of the Covenant of Mayors in assisting municipalities in implementation and monitoring of SEAPs.

The BEAST (Beyond Energy Action Strategies) project is the first step in closing the gap between planning and implementation of SEAPs. One of the results of the project is the creation and distribution of guidelines for strategic implementation processes which includes best practice for expedited 25.01.17 BEASTimplementation of SEAP actions.

The joint event will bring together policy makers and technical staff from local and regional government, Covenant of Mayors signatories, Covenant Coordinators and Supporters, energy stakeholders, businesses representatives and energy agencies.

The one day workshop is free and will include a round of speed presentations examining financing and implementing sustainable energy actions, a panel discussion, a networking lunch and a series of roundtables.

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