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5th World Forum on Human Rights

Sustainable Development – Human Rights: a common struggle?

22nd – 25th May 2013, Nantes, France

The fifth edition of the World Forum on Human Rights will take place from the 22nd to 25th of May at La Cité – Nantes Events Centre in Nantes. The 2013 European Green Capital Nantes has hosted this event since 2004, which is open and free to everyone (to register for the free event click here) The event is organised by the International Permanent Secretariat Human Rights and Local Governments (SPIDH Nantes – Pays de la Loire) in partnership with La Cité – Nantes Events Centre.

13.03.13 forum on human rights

The aim of the World Forum on Human Rights is to identify approaches for action at the local and global level on issues relating to the current and future situation of Human Rights.  However, this year with the goal of going further, the World Forum is entitled “Sustainable Development – Human Rights: a common struggle?”. Therefore, the objective of this year’s four-day event is to exchange and propose solutions to the challenges of a sustainable development that is respectful of Human Rights. The large international meetings and in-depth public discussions will mainly focus on equitable development, equality in times of crisis and regional planning.

The opportunity for open dialogue will be provided through plenary sessions (round tables), thematic workshops, open spaces for information and presentation, and cultural events and exhibitions. Further information on this can be found by clicking here.

© Daniel Hayduk / IRIN

© Daniel Hayduk / IRIN

This event is happening approximately one year after the UN Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20. The findings from the Nantes World Forum are intended to feed into the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to be launched by the United Nations by 2015.

The European Green Capital and Sustainable Development

13.03.13 nantes The title of European Green Capital in 2013 was awarded to Nantes, France’s sixth largest city. The Award recognises all the efforts in favour of the environment and rational development of the cities, in the areas such as local contribution to sustainable transport and land use, green urban areas, water consumption, and the fight against climate change. Nantes is committed to ambitious goals for further environmental and sustainable development through various ways, for example:

  • Nantes has      an ambitious Climate Action Plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 30      % per capita by 2020 compared to 2003.
  • Ambitious Mobility Plan with targets      for 2030, whilst progressively introducing new, high-quality public      transport infrastructure.
  • By 2020 create and rehabilitate 15      hectares of green public spaces. At the moment everyone in Nantes lives within      300 metres of a green area and there are 57 m² of green space per person      and over 100,000 trees in the city.

For more information about the European Green Capital Award click here: