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Image by Jean-Dominique Billaud

4th European Urban Transport Regulation Forum

30th September 2013, Firenze, Italy

Europe is walking towards a form of mobility that is sustainable, energy-efficient and respectful of the environment. A very effective way for local authorities to develop these mobility models is to build up a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP). SUMP is an urban planning tool that aims to boost efficient, safe, secure, sustainable and accessible to all transport systems across Europe.

In order to identify and discuss the main challenges of sustainable urban mobility, on the 30th September, Firenze will host the 4th European Urban Transport Regulation Forum. The Conference will bring together leading sustainable transport stakeholders from operators to authorities, from the European Commission to associations and academics.

The event will give insight into the role of public transport authorities, whether they should be active, and debate mechanisms to reach clean transport patterns. Attendants will address, among others, the following questions:

Sustainable Urban Mobility: New challenges or a new label for old problems?

  • How can urban public transport contribute to the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP)? And can the SUMP contribute to increase the modal share of urban public transport?
  • Are legal requirements about fuels, air quality and pollutants simplifying or complicating the organisation of public transport?
  • Are ‘access restriction schemes’ a suitable tool to promote green transport? Are there best practices, which should be harmonised and followed across Europe?

For more information on the 4th European Urban Transport Regulation Forum, please visit the event website.

SUMP features highly in the European Green Capital competition criteria directly through the Local Transport indicator and also indirectly through emissions, local air quality and noise pollution.

The current European Green Capital, Nantes has over the past 10 years developed a sustainable transport policy with a focus on public transport and bicycles. Development within the city centre is planned to minimise car transport and to provide pedestrians with optimal conditions.

Nantes ©Patrick Garcon

Nantes ©Patrick Garcon

Nantes was the first city in France to successfully re-introduce electric tramways. This effort will continue in the coming years and investments in new tramways, high quality bus service and bicycle infrastructure are foreseen.

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