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2nd International Conference on “Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions – SSPCR 2017”

The second ‘Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions’ conference (SSPCR 2017) takes place in Bolzano, Italy, from March 22 to 24. The overriding theme of the biennial event is the ‘transition of urban areas towards smarter and more sustainable cities to live’.

The conference will examine the urgent issues related to climate change, energy efficiency and potential changes introduced by the digitalisation of cities and integration of ICT in infrastructure, mobility and social inclusion.

01.02.17 SSPCR2017

With these topics in mind, modern planning requires a global overview and understanding of the past and current state of cities and a new approach in their development, direction and regeneration. SSPCR 2017 has welcomed contributions from various research fields including urban and regional planning, social and environmental sciences, mobility, transport, engineering and energy studies. Submissions were received from the academic and professional community and closed in December 2016 but registration for the event is still open with opportunities to meet research and business partners, discuss future project ideas, share knowledge on innovative urban practices and take part in the numerous plenary and discussion sessions timetabled.

The conference is structured around seven underlying topics which include:

  • Smart Planning for Adaption and Mitigation
  • ICT, Spaces & Society
  • Next Economy for the Cities
  • Strategies & Actions for Good Governance
  • Urban Rural Innovative Relationships
  • Rethinking Mobility
  • Smart and Sustainable City Implementation & Education

SSPCR represents a good opportunity to discuss research and experiences from the cutting edge of sustainable planning for our cities and regions.

Registration for the event remains open until February 19, for details click here.

To visit the conference website for more information click here.