Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by Ursula Bach


European Mobility Week
16th Sep 2017 - 22nd Sep 2017

The theme this year, ‘Sharing gets you further’, promotes transport sharing to decrease the number of cars on the road. ...
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International Cycling Conference 2017
19th Sep 2017 - 21st Sep 2017

ICC is an interdisciplinary conference focusing on the interplay between transport, health, the environment, society and the economy. ...
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Green Surge International Conference 2017
20th Sep 2017 - 21st Sep 2017

This year will be the project’s final conference. It will bring together researchers, planners, decision-makers and practitioners to examine nature-based solutions and sustainable urban development. ...
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7th IWA Conference on Odours and Air Emissions
25th Sep 2017 - 27th Sep 2017

The conference will take place in the Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management at Warsaw University of Technology. ...
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Regions and Cities European Week Workshop
11th Oct 2017 - 11th Oct 2017

The workshop focuses on the question, ‘How can we set long-term sustainable urban strategies within the framework of short-term political cycles?’ ...
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