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Image by Jean-Dominique Billaud

Wind Turbine Noise: From Source to Receiver

11th – 12th December 2012, Oxford, England

This December, the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) invite wind industry representatives to join to discuss the key acoustic issues of wind farms. This meeting will follow on from the success of workshops on Resource Assessment (Brussels, May 2011) and Post-construction Assessment (Lyon, July 2012). It has been organised in response to requests from the EWEA members and industry.

Wind Turbines in Hamburg, the 2011 European Green Hamburg

Noise issues from wind turbines have both technical and community impact. The noise produced from wind turbines signifies a loss of energy. Reducing this noise will result in more efficient turbines. The swishing sound associated with wind turbines can cause irritation and stress in local communities. Through mitigating this issue, wind farms will become “good neighbours” and a more accepted form of energy infrastructure.

Cities applying to the European Green Capital Award should examine their energy production. Renewable energy like wind is an excellent way to provide their citizens with clean, green energy. By working together, the industry is focusing on making wind energy an easy and acceptable choice for all cities.

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