Green Cities Fit for Life

Image by Jean-Dominique Billaud

Waterfont City Summit

10th December 2012, Taipei, Taiwan


The European Green Capital representative Ms Marie-Hélène Vareille will be attending the Waterfront City Summit in New Taipei City to deliver a Keynote Speech about the European Green Capital Award.

The aim of the visit will be to share the experiences of the Green Capital Award Project in Europe with related ministries and departments, experts, scholars, and professional organisations in Taiwan, and to discuss the issues and problems met in promoting the goals of an eco-city.

As the European Commission has established significant achievements in stimulating all activities related to the development of environmentally sustainable cities, through its efforts in ecologic urban development, via programmes such as the European Green Capital Award, the Taiwanese government recognises that there will be a precious learning experience from such a project being implemented in Taiwan.

Events such as these allow the European Green Capital to share the success and learning experiences that have been gained throughout the process of the implementing and carrying out the project with other governments that wish to implement such projects in their own countries.

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