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The Sixth European Water and Wastewater Treatment Conference

9th-10th October, Manchester, UK

Manchester will host the Sixth European Water and Waste Water Conference this October in The Point, Lancashire County Cricket Club. The event will last two days and will present 50 technical papers examining the problems and solutions in managing modern waste water treatment facilities. The event will focus on state-of-the-art and cutting edge technology and practices.

The key themes for this year’s event are:

  • Asset Optimisation
  • Energy Reduction
  • Low Energy Treatment Options
  • Industrial Wastewater
  • Process Automation and Control
  • Novel Process Options
  • Improving Solids Capture and Use

An exhibition will give opportunity for over 200 representatives from the UK water companies, consultancies, technical associations, universities, research establishments, process suppliers, Government departments and agencies to present their work. At the end of the two days a conference dinner will take place, allowing an opportunity for the leading minds in waste water to discuss their experiences.

Water is one of Europe’s most vital resources and the appropriate treatment of waste water is essential for the continued protection of the resource. One of the criteria examined by the European Green Capital judging panel is water consumption. Efficient, effective water management is fundamental to a Green city. The city that is chosen as The European Green Capital will be a city that demonstrates a well-established record of achieving high environmental standards and is committed to achieving ongoing and ambitious goals for future environmental improvement and sustainable development.

Vitoria-Gasteiz has an ambitious objective of reducing domestic water consumption to below 100 liters per capita per day. Today the water consumption in Vitoria-Gasteiz has decreased steadily from 1999 to 2009. Water-related investments have been made within the context of the Agenda 21 environmental action plan for improved water supply, to reduce losses, work towards sustainable consumption and improve water quality. A citizen’s information office on water consumption and efficiency has also been set up.

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