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TEDxNantes – “The Green City”

22nd January 2013, Nantes, France

Nantes, the 2013 Green Capital, is to host a TEDx event on 22nd January in the central Lieu Unique (a former biscuit factory, now the centre for contemporary arts and music). The theme this year will be “The Green City” (La Ville Verte), and aims to address issues related to sustainable development, economics, urban planning and new forms of citizen-focused ecology. The speakers confirmed for this exciting event include Kevin Danaher, Nana Fitriana Firman, Vincent Callebaut, Yannick Roudaut, Stanislas Dupré, Julien Dossier and Mahdiya Hassan-Laksiri. The event will encourage speakers and participants alike to share ideas through wide-ranging, inspired and apolitical discussion in a visionary and friendly environment.

Courtesy of TEDxNantes

Courtesy of TEDxNantes

Nantes is no stranger to TEDx events, with the first TEDxNantes being held in the Lieu Unique in December 2011. The theme in 2011 was “Between utopias and realities” including both regional and international experts such as Luc Schuiten, Saskia Sassen, Massimo Amato and Victor Massip. “TED” stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design; however TED events have now become broader than this, showcasing ideas that matter in any discipline. TEDx events bring people together to share ideas, spark discussion and connections.
Nantes is showing its dedication to being “La Ville Verte” as the 2013 European Green Capital. Their sustainable transport policy aims to minimise car transport in the city centre, providing pedestrians and cyclists with optimal conditions. This ambitious policy has already shown improvements in reduced air pollution and CO2 emissions.

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