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Image by M Hjälm

Engaging Communities on Energy and Climate Change

31st January 2013, Edinburgh, Scotland

Talk Action is hosting the event Engaging Communities on Energy and Climate Change to investigate how communities and stakeholders can be engaged with to ensure the success of a project. The course will be attended by members of the climate change and energy industry, community workers, campaigners and activists.

Throughout the day attendees will learn how to engage a community to maintain lasting change. An understanding of why engaging people on climate change can be problematic, and how to best start a dialogue on the topic will be examined.

Climate change, energy and sustainability can be complex, intangible topics for the general public. As a result, the European Green Capital Award promotes the engagement of local people in these topics. The European Green Capital Award winners have all had dynamic public engagement which has enriched their progress in sustainability with Stockholm’s (2010) citizen poll, Hamburg’s (2011) Train of Ideas, Vittoria-Gasteiz’s (2012) “Ekolabora!” programme, Nantes (2013) successful campaign to reduce domestic rubbish, Copenhagen’s (2014) aim to have 50% of people cycling to their place of work or education by 2015.

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