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Image by C. Spahrbier

The Round-table Symposium of Eco-city planning and governance Strategies in Taiwan

19-21 March 2012, Taipei, Taiwan

The European Green Capital secretariat has been asked to participate in a round-table symposium of Eco-city planning and governance strategies in Taiwan. The Symposium is being organised by the Department of Urban and Housing Development of the Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD), as part of their Eco-City project. It intends to investigate and analyze existing national and international eco-city planning and governance strategies, as well as award/subsidy policies and performance evaluation methods in promoting the goals of eco-city by governments or Non-Profit Organisations.

The purpose of the round-table symposium is to invite related ministries and departments, experts, scholars, and professional organizations, to discuss the issues and problems met in promoting the goals of an eco-city. As the EU has established significant achievements through its efforts in ecologic urban development, in particular via the “European Green Capital” project to stimulate all the activities related to the development of ecological cities, CEPD recognizes that it will be a precious learning experience from such a project implementation for Taiwanese government.

Therefore, CEPD invited Mr. PJ. Rudden, Project Director, European Green Capital Award Secretariat, to share the experiences of the Green Capital Award Project in the Europe and Mr. Hikari Kobayashi, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Asia Private Equity Capital, to advise the eco-cities implementation experiences from Japan. CEPD hopes to receive the comments and suggestions from both experts from the observations on what CEPD has achieved in Taiwan.

The symposium and round table discussion will be conducted in Taipei city, Tainan city, and Yunlin County from March 19-21, 2012 in Taiwan.

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