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International Conference on Global Sustainable Finance

5-6th July 2012, Karlsruhe, Germany

A two-day international conference on Global Sustainable Finance will take place on the 5th and 6th of July 2012. The intention of the conference is to discuss how solutions can be found that will help mitigate the current financial and environmental crises. While the current climate poses many challenges to both the financial and environmental sector, experts believe that these two sectors can mutually benefit and that a wide range of opportunities exist.

The International Conference on Global Sustainable Finance will examine the transformation to a sustainable economy and how the current financial, economic and environmental crises are re-shaping the financial industry. Discussions will be held on how and why to green financial products and services. The role of financial institutions in sustainability will be analysed. Success stories will be highlighted and outstanding challenges and best practices for embedding sustainability in the financial sector will be debated. The forum will facilitate an exchange of knowledge and information about shaping financial institutions to adapt easily to fast changing market conditions.

This conference will promote green business by discussing the financial innovation and the business case for financial institutions to green their operations, products and services. As the world looks towards sustainability, more and more products are being created to satisfy changing needs. There has been an influx in sustainable infrastructure, energy efficient real estate, clean energy production and green transport. These all present new investment opportunities and, at the same time, carry us further to our goal of sustainable living.

The Global Sustainable Finance Conference will be attended by experts from all over the world from the financial sector, policy makers, regulators, academia, practitioners, experts and other stakeholders. This variety of backgrounds should lead to an interesting and diverse discussion. Delegates will take home the ideas and experiences shared at the conference and enrich their sectors views and progress on sustainability and environmental challenges as well as economic viability and profitability.

The European Green Capital Award also identifies the mutual beneficial relationship between finance and environment. Eco-innovation and sustainable employment are a criteria assessed for the award.

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