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Image by Ursula Bach

Smart Cities Conference

23rd – 24th October 2012, Amsterdam, Holland

The Smart Cities 2012 Conference is being held in Amsterdam from the 23rd to the 24th of October. The two day event will bring together city officials, policy-makers, utilities, transport operators, developers, investors, contractors and solution providers.

With 4 out of 5 Europeans living in an urban area, it is now more crucial than ever to work towards greener, more resource-efficient European cities. Stringent carbon reduction and ambitious commitments to renewable energy targets have put an increased pressure on Europe to lead the way in sustainable living.

Over the course of the two day conference, speakers like Carlo Ratti Director Senseable City Lab, MIT, Philip Lowe, Director-General for Energy, EU Commission, and Eugenio Leanza, European Investment Bank, will share their experiences and idea of what makes a smart city.

Attendees will learn how cutting-edge technologies, integrated urban planning approaches and sustainable methodologies can be best implemented to transform urban spaces into better places to live.

The European Green Capital Award aims to honour achievements and efforts in advancing the sustainability of European cities. The Award was conceived to create a community of Europeans that share ideas and work together help Europe achieve its targets and to improve the quality of life of all Europeans. A green city is smart city and the Smart Cities Conference is the perfect chance to get to know something more about Smart Cities and how Europe is dealing with them.

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