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Sealing the deal on a greener CAP?

10th April 2013, Ireland


Ireland will host a conference that aims to seal a deal between the European Parliament, Council and Commission on the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The event, entitled “Sealing the deal on a greener CAP”, has been organised by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and will be held on the 10th April in the Croke Park Conference centre in Dublin. This is happening while Ireland is hosting the 2013 Presidency of the Council of the European Union during its 40th anniversary of membership of the EU.

The Common Agricultural Policy, the EU’s agricultural programs and subsidies system, is due to be reformed by 2013. The reform has been widely discussed in the last months, but there are still debates, negotiations, approvals of regulations and implementing acts expected for this year, with a view to having the CAP reform in place from 1st January 2014.

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The “Sealing the deal on a greener CAP” conference will contribute to the new CAP as it provides a platform to discuss whether the original purpose and ambition of the reform can be secured and how. The meeting will also support the launch of a study that the EEB commissioned to the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), which assesses the use of equivalence mechanisms for complying with greening requirements under the new CAP.

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The European Green Capital Award Team will be at the event to share information about the award, as well as answer any questions you have on applying for the award or information on the initiative. Events such as these allow the European Green Capital to share the success and learning experiences that have been gained throughout the last years.

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