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Image by Ursula Bach

World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy

14-16th May 2012, Dublin Ireland

Water and energy are critical for our current society and will be of increasing importance in the future. Climate change is forcing us to reassess our energy usage and will have real and substantial impacts on the water cycle. Solving the interlinked challenges of water, climate and energy in a sustainable manner is one of the fundamental goals of this generation. Following on from conferences on Climate Change Adaptation and Water and Energy, the International Water Association is proud to announce the inaugural World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy in 2012.

The Congress will explore the topics of resilient and sustainable cities with a focus on climate change adaptation and mitigation. The challenges of climate change adaptation and incorporating uncertainty into the city vision and infrastructure will be discussed together with the impacts and responses of climate change on water resources. Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, operating in a carbon constrained world and a focus on renewable energy including practical applications and integration in to the energy mix will be covered.

Solutions to these challenges, including the role of technologies and smart networks will also be a central theme. Recognising that technology is only part of the solution the conference will also address the economic, political and regulatory aspects of water, climate and energy.

The congress will attract up to 2,000 international participants for this global event and will feature a large industry presence and trade exhibition.

The European Green Capital Award will be giving a lunchtime lecture during the conference as water consumption is one of the twelve environmental indicators used to assess applications by cities applying to become the European Green Capital.

The Zadorra River in Vitoria-Gasteiz; a tributary of the Ebro

The 2012 European Green Capital Vitoria-Gasteiz has an ambitious objective of reducing domestic water consumption to below 100 litres per capita per day. Today the water consumption in Vitoria-Gasteiz, has decreased steadily from 1999 to 2009. Water-related investments have been made within the context of the Agenda 21 environmental action plan for improved water supply, to reduce losses, work towards sustainable consumption and improve water quality. A citizen’s information office on water consumption and efficiency has also been set up. Fore more information on what Vitoria-Gasteiz is doing click here

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