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Image by M Hjälm

Green Economics Conference 2012

18th -22nd July 2012, Oxford, UK

This July the University of Oxford, UK, hosts the seventh annual Green Economics Conference. The conference will focus on the themes “Reform and renaissance of economics and its methodology- Green Economics-the solutions for the 21st century” and “Rethinking Growth – Rio+20”. Over the three day conference speakers from different countries and backgrounds will present on the following questions:

  • What kind of development have we had?
  • What has really happened in past 20 years and have things got better or worse for most people and the environment?
  • What kind of growth we have had?
  • Does the sustainable development concept make societies from developed, developing and undeveloped countries wealthier, happier or healthier?

Green economics is a modern form of economics that analyses development under a wider scope than traditional economics. It takes into account human well-being, social justice, ecological protection and sustainable development. It has been held as the Renaissance of Economics and is aiming to create a fairer and more just global economy. The European Environmental Agency describes a green economy as one that generates increasing prosperity while maintaining the natural systems that sustain us.

A green economy can be assessed by six different sectors. These are: renewable energy; green buildings; clear transportation; water management; waste management and; land management. All of these sectors are taken into account by the judges of the European Green Capital Award.

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