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Image by C. Spahrbier

Creating a Smart Green City – Green Growth Opportunities

23rd April 2013, Dublin, Ireland

The Green Economy Forum Annual Conference organised by the Dublin Chamber of Commerce will take place on 23rd April 2013 in the Croke Park Conference centre in Dublin. Green Growth Opportunities for cities will be examined as part of this event which will gather experts including Janez Potočnik (European Commissioner for Environment), Richard Bruton TD (Ireland’s Minister for Jobs Enterprise and Innovation) and PJ Rudden (Project Director for the European Green Capital Award Secretariat). Round table discussion will take place on the afternoon considering a wide range of topics under the theme of Green Economies.

Green forum

The EU has made significant achievements through its efforts in sustainable urban development, in particular through the European Green Capital Award initiative. The Dublin Chamber of Commerce therefore recognises that this event will be a precious learning experience, drawing on such expertise.


Janez Potočnik, the EU Commissioner for the Environment on the European Green Capital Award

Throughout the history of the European Green Capital Award, the Jury has valued each city’s green growth and its ability to maintain, and even improve, this progress while strengthening sustainable development. The European Green Capital Award acknowledges the uniqueness of each city and encourages that sustainability be achieved by working with the city. The winning cities become role models for green economies throughout Europe and beyond.

The 2013 European Green Capital, Nantes, is an excellent ambassador of this sentiment. The city has been internationally recognised for the quality of life in the city and was chosen as the 2013 European Green Capital on the basis of twelve key sustainable development themes including nature and biodiversity, environmental management and green urban spaces.

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